2nd October 2020
General dev

CSS is still alive, and so am I…

I’m trying to get back to writing here, but it’s not that easy between reviewing games, playing them for fun, writing a lot about notebooks and handwriting in my native language and actual work.

In order to write something smart and interesting, I checked the Drafts here. 21 published posts, 19 drafts — honestly, that says everything about me. So I’m reading the lists and some of the titles sound so good! Like I definitely had a very neat idea for a cool article. I’m starting to smile, because it looks, like coming back is gonna be soooo easy, but… yeah. There is no content at all! And with a title like “The display: inline-block; trap” without a doubt I had a case, that would make it work… and now I have no idea what I actually wanted to say.

With that in mind: I’ll dedicate one notebook (and a Notion board) into ideas for this blog. I’m sorry, I’m still gonna use this space to write about not-coding-related stuff, mostly horrors, but that kinda is my space. Worst case scenario you just won’t read it. I have a lot of ideas regarding design and CSS/HTML/JS, so no worries there. And since I’m working in e-Commerce now, you can expect a lot of that as well!

Promise for now: 2 posts a month. And at least one, that works with the domain. Fingers crossed!


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