28th December 2019
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Best games of 2019

Disclaimer: The games won’t have to be released in 2019 to make that list. And obviously, these are my favourite games for 2019. They’re definitely not the best games of 2019 in general.

Apex Legends (2019)

While 2018 was mostly PUBG, 2019 is definitely a year of Apex Legends. When it comes to FPS/Battle Royale games. When it comes to most hours spent. And the number of platforms I’m using to play it: 3. All of them.

I play with different people, depending on the platform and I love it. At least there is always something to do. I really enjoy the pace here – sure, a lot of times I just die in a first 2 minutes, but other times I can gear up and kill a lot of other players. And it’s awesome. Variety of guns maybe is not super big, but it’s definitely enough. The hop-ups, all attachments – fun!

Favourite legend: Caustic. But I can win with everyone.
Favourite gun: Devotion.

Fallout 76 (2018)

I know I’m a little bit late to the party. I enjoyed the game when it came out, but didn’t want to play alone. More than a year after release we finally managed to find a lot of hours to actually play it. And it’s awesome. I’m going to bed at 4 am and I don’t regret it.

Yeah, maybe it is buggy, but I play games made by EA, so I’m used to that. And I honestly don’t mind. They’re still not heavy enough to make me wanna throw the controller into the wall. I enjoy the world there, you know? I love the style, the music and missions are still fun! Killing Deathclaw with a melee weapon? Check! Pssst. It’s Power Fist.

Favourite perk: Cannibal. Grose, yup. But kinda OP. And kinda not, since you can’t wear Power Armor.

What remains of Edith Finch (2017)

One of the few games I actually bought. You know, Game Pass, EA Access, and all the games I’m getting for a review. So I started playing it right after these Game Awards when it got a lot of them. And I managed to almost finish it, but never did. Until now. Apparently I just needed 20 more minutes, but it’s fine – I can include it here.

Really great and dark story. Amazing mechanics! And a lot of different challenges.

Favourite family member: Barbara.

Thimbleweed Park (2017)

I really like adventure games. And I review a lot of them. Mostly indie or made by the Polish studio called Artifex Mundi. If you ever played point-and-click hidden object game with AMAZING visuals, then there you go – Artifex.

Thimbleweed Park is stunning in a different way. The graphics – well, it looks like adventure games from the 80s/90s and that’s awesome. And look at actions!

What’s pretty genius here? Everything. But in details: pop-culture references, long story, jokes and the fact, that we can always ask for help! Almost always, one of the cons in the adventure games I’m reviewing is missing help/clue option. It’s not something I always want to use, but I hate googling the solution when I’m completely stuck. Sometimes I’m just blind, the other times it’s something so weird and abstract, that I’d never guess it.

Favourite character: The Pidgeon Brothers.

Honourable mentions:


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