3rd August 2020

Host (2020) – the quarantine found-footage // movie review

I’m not writing here a lot, but sometimes I really need to. Usually, it’s CSS-related, but today, ta-da, more horrors. And to be precise – one of the newest Shudder Originals – Host.

Once I first heard about that idea (on Shudder’s Twitter account) I already knew it’s gonna be something worth watching. The concept of a movie filmed during a quarantine, with people talking over Zoom! Yes, please! That’s the modern-era horror I crave.

About Host

Host hit Shudder on 30th of July. So far it gathered 518 ratings on IMDB and an overall rating of 6.8/10. Which is huge. That’s higher than this-years-best-horror Relic (5.9) and Netflix’s take on a horror classic – Ju-on: Origins (6.2).

It’s directed by Rob Savage, who directed 3 episodes of Britannia and a bunch of short films.

The whole film was made during the pandemic (of course it was!).

Screenshot from the movie


Haley BishopHaley
Jemma MooreJemma
Emma Louise WebbEmma
Radina DrandovaRadina
Caroline WardCaroline

As you can see, all the acresses kept their names in the movie and I think it’s pretty cool! It definitely helped with the filming. And again, in this climate, it’s great to have a movie with almost only women in the cast.

While you’ve probably never seen them before, it’s still nothing bad. Honestly, there is more horrors with not-well-known cast, then the ones with the big names. It’s the genre to explore, right?!


While the plot of the movie sounds a bit like a cliche – you know, a séance that ended up with a demonic presence, the fact that it’s all online adds some value and a lot of freshness.

Host is smart and sometimes funny. Sometimes scary of course! And even if you think you’re prepared… you’ll still jump! It’s just one of those movies.

So, if you feel like watching a kinda-short (60 minutes) horror, that hits all the feelings of staying locked up in your own house – check it out on Shudder!


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