12th May 2022
Dear Diary Music Personal

๐ŸŽถ If we all should die tonight, we will have no regrets

Basically, that’s it. That’s the post.

Innerpartysystem is a band I met back in 2008 on the Need For Speed: Undercover soundtrack. Now I usually use “Innerpartysystem psychofan” in my description. Why? How? Let’s see.

So, 11 years ago today, I went by myself to Berlin. Took a train from Katowice to Warsaw, then Warsaw to Poznan, then from Poznan to Berlin. Wandered around for a few hours, got lost one time, and around 7 pm got to Columbia Club.

I went inside, all excited because my favourite band was supporting my other favourite band. I screamed, oh, believe me, I was loud! They played my favourite song. Die Tonight Live Forever.

Innerpartysystem’s part was over, but I wasn’t ready yet! I was close to the stage so I shouted to Kris Barman that I wanted his autograph. And he agreed! He wanted me to wait for him next to the gates. And he came, gee, that was so nice! We talked a bit, took that photo with my super-red cheeks and I got a sign on that very same t-shirt (and another one, that had the title of my fav song on the front).

3oh!3 was playing, but, I’m sorry to say that, I wasn’t paying much attention, because I wanted to meet the rest of the group. The security guy wouldn’t let me in backstage (haha, I wonder why) and I was kinda out of options.

The event ended. I still wasn’t able to talk to Patrick or Jared Piccone! I haven’t travelled to another country just to not see them, right?! So I went outside and hung around the club (my train back to Poland was just after 4 am, so I had plenty of time). I jumped on the fence (hey, okay, I’m calling myself a psychofan and you should know why!) and I saw them there. But they haven’t seen me. I was nervous. Should I call them? Should I? Well, in the song I love, there is that quote “if we all should die tonight, we will have no regrets“, so I thought, okay, fuck it, I’ll call them! Better that than all my life wondering what would happen if I didn’t chicken out.

So I did. And Kris was there, so he greenlighted the rest to come to that psycho standing on the fence. They tried to get out to me, but the gates were closed, so we talked over that fence. They hold my hands and we talked! I told them I love them. They said they remember me from Twitter (!!) and I got the signs on the shirts. I spent with them maybe 10 minutes and it was so so so so cute.

Still one of the best nights of my life.



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