27th May 2017
Personal TV series

Residue (2015-)

‘Residue’ is a 3 episodes miniseries, released in March 2015 on Netflix. It takes 140 minutes to watch the (un)complete story. If you like futuristic, thrilling stories – that’s for you. If you’re absolutely in love with Iwan Rheon, you will also enjoy it!

So, what’s this about?

There is this city, somewhere in the not-so-far future. New Year’s Eve. A cop is buying drugs, a couple is celebrating the last night of the year. All looks perfectly normal until the bomb explodes in the city. Oops.

Nine months later… 5 miles radius area is a quarantine zone, buildings are sealed, people moved out, because of contamination. What contamination? Only a few people know the truth…

Daughter of our Policeman (Mathis) dies in that accident, so he tries to find out what really happened there. Jen is a photographer, she loves taking photos of people and she is absolutely crazy about her work/hobby and Jonas is her boyfriend, who works as a PR guy for people who take care about the quarantine…

Everything starts for real when Jen saw some entity on her photos of people, who died a few moments later. Weird. And promising.

Was that fun?

I was excepting something better. More action, less beautiful shots. But that is accepted for renewal, 10 new episodes, that should be on the air… someday. First predictions said about Spring 2016, but that didn’t happen.

So… I’m definitely going to watch that second season. Hope that I will get all the answers because these three episodes are really just a pilot for a bigger story.

Fingers crossed, right? Are you going to watch that? Or maybe someone already watched that? It’s really an ‘indie’ tv-series and I couldn’t find much info about that show.


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