How to make sure your Season Mastery badge counts progress

Okay, if you played Season 1 of Battlefield 2042, you probably know, that there was something funny (not really) going on with how the Mastery Badge Points were counted. Or actually, barely counted. It’s now Day 1 of Season 2 and the issue still exists.

How to make sure you’ll always be on track with them? Let’s go!

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💎 Weekly Gems (16 – 22 May 2022)

I thought it’d be nice to come back to this series. It should at least get me into the rhythm of writing and that’s a good enough reason, to be honest.

The idea is simple: I gather interesting links to websites, shops, video game trailers and news. Anything that I found worth reading/looking over/buying. Be prepared for frontend coding, nice books and usually some game-related content as well.


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