30th August 2022

How to make sure your Season Mastery badge counts progress

Okay, if you played Season 1 of Battlefield 2042, you probably know, that there was something funny (not really) going on with how the Mastery Badge Points were counted. Or actually, barely counted. It’s now Day 1 of Season 2 and the issue still exists.

How to make sure you’ll always be on track with them? Let’s go!

1. Play the game

That’s easy and obvious. If you want to earn your points you need to do weekly missions (between 4 and 10 points) + the repeatable one for gained XP, that will award you 1 point.

When you just start the season, you need only 2000 XP for your first point. Or actually, your first 10. After the first 10 “loops”, the required XP jumps to 2250, then 2500, and so on.

At some point (I think after reaching the 10K threshold), the increase will be 500, not 250 XP.

On the last day of the previous season, I needed 33500 XP to get that one point.

Before reaching level 100 of the Battle Pass, it’s really easy to keep track of the earned XP and the points you should have on your Mastery Badge. So you should make a habit of this already, to make sure you’ll get the badge.

There is no easy way of keeping track of the points above Battle Pass level 100, but, by my math, you need to reach the point when you’re getting a token every 22000 XP. You can see the math here.


Not sure if that’s for everyone, or just the (naive) people who got Ultimate or Gold edition, but when I opened the game today I already had level 4 of Battle Pass, with the new Specialist unlocked. That means we already “skipped” on earning 40 points that were easy to count.

Every level of Battle Pass contains 10 blue dots – token / points. So if you want to know how many Battle Pass points you’ve earned, you need to always remember about the extra 40.

If I’m level 12 now with 3/10 points already earned towards level 13, that means I have 123 points. But I actually earned only 83 (123 – 40).

2. How to advance the Mastery Badge?

If you were really interested in getting the S1 Mastery Badge, then you probably already tried hosting Portal Games and waiting for the Badge progress to catch up, right? So here is the trick.

You have actually to earn the points first, that’s why it’s important to just play the game.

Go to Portal and host a game

It doesn’t have to be any specific experience. Just pick something. It can be something you’ve made on Portal ages ago or one of the featured/custom games or an experience you know about and have the code ready in your brain.

  1. Start the game.
  2. Check the number of points on your Mastery Badge.
  3. Move around the map and check the status again. It should jump, usually by a few points every few seconds.
  4. Leave the server once the number fits the math (level x 10 – 40).


Enjoy. And spread the word.

Last update:

1st September: added a note about hosting NEW experience, if the previously hosted one is not helping.


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