25th December 2018
Dear Diary Personal

Getting ready for 2019

Phew. What a year, right?

2018 was okay-ish for me. A lot happened, but somehow it was all boring at the same time. Nothing really changed (besides my address) and I’m still doing the same things I was doing for the last 7 years. Cool?

I watched tons of TV series, mostly on Netflix. Cannot say the same about movies – I really got behind and saw maybe 2 titles released in 2018. Books? I didn’t make my minimum plan, for the first time in 5 years and it’s making me real sad. I’m trying my best to finish those 9 missing books before end of the year, but the odds that I will fail are in favour. Damn.

But I have some resolutions for next year and this place is one of them. You can keep your fingers crossed!

Happy New Year everyone, I hope your Christmas are warm and cozy!

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