16th May 2017
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I think, that everyone has this one “Harry” in their lives. That character from a book, movie or tv show, that you love and cherish. That someone, who is so important in your life that it sounds impossible that she/he doesn’t exist.

My Harry. That guy which grew up with me. In my timeline, I first met him when I was eight and he was twenty. Our third meeting happened when I was ten and he was only seven, but I still think, that we grew up together. He was around me all that time.

He really is some kind of my friend. I think about him a lot and in my childhood, I wish I can be like him, with his powers.

I read stories about him very often. First five books I’ve read so many times! The other two are good too, but I don’t know, something changed there. I hate his girlfriend. Maybe I’m just jealous? But she is really not a girl for him.

I love that the author loves Harry as much as I’m and can’t give up on him. This few stories really makes me happy, I don’t care that they don’t fit anywhere.

I cried when he died. But I love both his sons and I really would love to name my second son after one of them.

I love you, my Harry Keogh.


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