18th August 2022
Energy Drinks

⚡ Beyond NRG — full week review

My third energy drink review! It is a little late because I apparently have a life, but worry not! It’s here now, and it’s time to talk about Beyond.

Beyond is one of the newest energy drinks in my collection. I’ve met them through Twitter and @SgtDangerCow and kinda immediately fall in love with their branding. And the motto? Oh yes, please.

Do more.
Be more.
Go Beyond.

How good is that?!

It took me just a few days to order and I was so impatient, that I spent half of the money I had before payday, to get them NOW, and not a week later, like a normal person would do.

I obviously knew which shaker was joining my collection, and while deciding on a flavour was a bit of a challenge with at least a few tempting ones, I ended up with Lemon Sherbet and sachets with Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Space Rocks.


Beyond as a brand is very new. They started in late 2020, so they’re not even two years old. Yet, they’re already quite popular, especially on the UK market, thanks to quickly-made collaborations. Soon after launch, they made flavours inspired by Warner Bros. games! And even right now you can still get the Sea of Thieves bundle (with Glow in the dark shaker!) and Back4Blood one (but only in the EU shop, as the UK’s stock is long gone).

They’re very community-focused and the whole idea behind Beyond is to make a healthier energy drink, that will also boost your mental performance.

I know I’ve already mentioned that, but I really enjoy their branding and the motto. And you know what? Tub’s design is also very nice and they stand out. Great, that they wanted to go that extra mile.


Each 400 g tub contains 40 servings. The typical scoop here is 10 g, which is quite standard. The recommended amount of water is between 300 and 400 ml, which makes it quite decent in size. Of course, you’re always free to adjust it, depending on how you find the taste.

Beyond’s shakers fit about 700 ml, so you have plenty of space for ice cubes and a comfortable shake. What’s worth noting is that it’s EXACTLY the same as Sneak’s.

That’s okay, of course. I really like their size and how easy they are to clean. And yes, I’m one of those who just put shakers in the dishwasher. They’re FINE LIKE THAT.


Ouch. Okay. So I know, and you should know, that powdered energy drinks usually taste bad. Or at least way worse than the already-made cans you can buy in your local store. Okay, cool.

So there is Sneak, that’s really tasty, straightaway. There is G Fuel that tastes like sweetened baking powder, and then there is Beyond that tastes just bad. And I mean, wow. I had my share of energy drinks and it still shocked me. Kinda like licking a table in your chemistry lab, after someone cleaned it with a lemon-scented washing liquid.

But I’m a professional, right? If I said I’ll do a full-week review, I’ll do it.

And, phew, okay, with each day it got better. Up to the point when I started liking the flavour. So just so you know, it’s normal to not like it at first. But after a while, you’ll get used to the strangeness in it, and all that’s left then is the actual taste of Lemon Sherbet or whatever-you’ve-picked.

Out of the three flavours I tried, Blue Raspberry Lemonade was definitely the best, and Space Rocks (the absolute fave of most of the community) was the worst. Lemon Sherbet is okay and more-or-less what you’d expect it to be.

Energy, focus, and all that

Again, no immediate kick. But that’s the thing with energy drinks not powered by sugar. I used a bit more water than the instruction would want, and that led to a bit longer drinking time.

Work was fine, games were fine, and nearly every day I was sleeping between 4 and 9 am. On Sunday I even went to sleep at 6 am! Just the fact, that I was able to pull it off is impressive — I’m not 20-something anymore.



Fitbit-powered sleep stats

My sleep score looks quite nice and it’s the week with the highest sleep average so far. It was one of the weeks with a very consistent sleep — no 7 hrs+ weekend catch-up! That basically tells you, that it really worked well with/for sleeping!

Average weekly sleep stats:


I’ll tell you – I had huge expectations. The brand is super nice, and they will answer all of your questions in Twitter DMs. I love that! I have to say tho, that I’m not totally sold. If it’d be my first or even the second, sure, but not now, when I know about the others. I love the branding and the Sea of Thieves collab is something worth checking out if being a pirate is your thing.

I’m still intrigued by the new Sour Apple, and a few of the other flavours, so maybe I’ll come back. But maybe, sadly.

Brand: Beyond
Serving: 300-400 ml
Scoop size: 10g
Caffeine in serving: 150 mg
Price: 40 EUR
Serving price: 1 EUR

Orders from the UK are shipped from the main warehouse, while the EU orders, even the Irish ones, are sent from Germany. To use the free shipping option you need to spend a bit over 120 Euro. Delivery time to Ireland was a week – not too bad. Keep in mind, that the labels and packaging will be in German, not English.


Label of Lemon Sherbet Beyond energy drink

Beyond is big on nootropics and they really like using this word. So when we look at the label, we can see a quite long list of active ingredients, making up 25% of each serving. With 150 mg of caffeine, it’s up there on top.

Some of the substances we’ve met before, some are new! But again, that’s the research topic, soon!

All that is topped with a small amount of sugar, a few VItamins (B6, B12, C, and D), and even Magnesium.

Score: 2.5/5
Would buy it again? I dunno.

The taste was a bit disappointing, but I really love how consistent my sleep got. Because I still believe, that I sleep way better after having an energy drink during the day.


+ great variety of flavors
+ eye-catching and unique branding
+ actually helps your sleep


– taste

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Hey Angie, thanks for giving Beyond a try, and spending the time to review us in detail.

I am really glad that your sleep improved, and you could feel the benefits of our ingredients.

While it’s unfortunate that you didn’t enjoy the flavour, we understand that the taste of the nootropics we include in our formula can be overpowering, and isn’t for everyone – which is fine!

We really appreciate your feedback and are always trying to improve our flavours and formula.

Take care,
Jodie (from Beyond) 😊