⚡ Beyond NRG — full week review

My third energy drink review! It is a little late because I apparently have a life, but worry not! It’s here now, and it’s time to talk about Beyond.

Beyond is one of the newest energy drinks in my collection. I’ve met them through Twitter and @SgtDangerCow and kinda immediately fall in love with their branding. And the motto? Oh yes, please.

Do more.
Be more.
Go Beyond.

How good is that?!

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⚡ Sneak Energy — full week review

Okay, let me be straight with you: I had coffee this week. And I needed a substantial boost from another energy drink. Oopsie. So, as you may already suspect, Sneak doesn’t really meet my need. Why is it one of my favourites then?

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⚡ G FUEL – full week review with no coffee

I like coffee and energy drinks, and I don’t like sleeping. The math is obvious, right? And as you can read here, reviewing energy drinks is my thing now.

As a first “properly” tested energy drink the audience chose G FUEL, so let’s go.

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🦋 Mothmen 1966 (2022) – “we all need a little darkness” // Game Review

If you’re going to play only one indie game this year – this is it.

In a world filled with stunning life-like 3D graphics, DALL-E that makes art out of words, and video game trends that apply VHS filters on poorly rendered face models, finding something fresh and unique is extremely rare. Who would think, that mixing cryptids, pulp-like story, and solitaire with a text-adventure game, could shake the world? Apparently, that’s exactly what LCB Game Studio did in Mothmen 1966.

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Darknet (2013)

First of all, I love horrors.

I talk and toot/tweet about horrors on daily basis. Movies, TV series and books. The horror genre in games is somehow beyond my patience.

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