27th July 2022
Energy Drinks

⚡ Sneak Energy — full week review

Okay, let me be straight with you: I had coffee this week. And I needed a substantial boost from another energy drink. Oopsie. So, as you may already suspect, Sneak doesn’t really meet my need. Why is it one of my favourites then?

Quick reminder: it’s a review written after using Sneak as my main “power source” for a week. The first test like that was with G Fuel, and you can read it here. And again: I have a creative job and I game a lot, mostly spending time in quite-competitive shooters.


Sneak as a brand, is fairly new, but on the energy drinks market, it’s already one of the “veterans”. Created in 2018 in the UK, quickly gained a loyal following, and beyond a really great branding, they actually stand out with their flavours.

Around Brexit there were some bumps with global shipping. At first, they created 2 targeted online stores – one dedicated to the UK, and the second to the US. Just about a year ago we finally got the EU version, with orders shipped from Germany. What’s great is that limited editions are available across all the regions, with separate stock. Phew.

Every regional store has a free shipping option after ordering a bit more than 2 tubs.


Each 400 g tub contains 40 servings. Sneak recommends 1 scoop (10 grams) with 300-400 ml of water, but I’m used to a bit more water (450-500 ml) and the taste is still quite strong. Official shakers can contain up to around 750 ml, which means you should be able to fit two servings in.

I absolutely love their shakers! Inside you’ll have a frame with a fan-like design, that helps to mix.

In UK and US, you can also get 500 ml cans, that are fizzy! Not still, like we would usually make it at home.


It’s SOOOO GOOOD. You can’t go wrong with it if you read the description and don’t hate the flavours mentioned. It’s always sweet, tangy and sharp. I love Cherry and Tropikilla. The Legacy Box flavours are great as well and even Strawberry Watermelon tasted good enough – and I dislike Watermelon!

I tried most of the flavours that were there before the Brexit. Now I can’t wait to try Blizzard (lemon) and Sour Apple.

Energy, focus, and all that

While Sneak is really good, taste wise, it doesn’t kick me as much as most of the other energy drinks. I drink it mostly for the taste and the hydration part.

Now, when my sleeping schedule is seriously messed up (or just well adjusted to my needs, haha), it performed better, than it did when I was drinking it in the office three years back. I remember we used to drink Sneak soon after lunch, to get that extra power for the second half of the day. Was I still falling asleep in the bus 3-4 hours later? Sure. But again – I don’t care, it’s too good to be bothered about the energy-part falling short.

Now it worked better. Looking at my sleeping times, it was all a bit inconsistent – one day it was 3 hours, other 7 (wow!). Focus was alright, but there was absolutely no way to get me into writing. My brain wasn’t creative enough. Interesting, really.



Fitbit-powered sleep stats

This one is kind of strange. While right after I started on Sneak I needed some additional kick before my stream (coffee + Gaminate), my sleep this week proves that maybe I didn’t actually need the help?

My week’s sleep followed the same kind of (messed up) routine: getting to bed around 4 am and waking up around 9.

Average weekly sleep stats:


Sneak is my first brand of powdered Energy Drinks. Throughout the years I had tubs with nearly every flavour. I had Stealth, but you can no longer get it, and I’m currently enjoying Blxxkout and Unreleased. I got Peach Iced Tea just yesterday, and I think it’s one of the best. My absolute fave is Cherry Bomb, but Tropikilla is following closely.

Brand: Sneak
Serving: 300-400 ml
Scoop size: 10g
Caffeine in serving: 140 mg
Price: 46 EUR / 40 USD
Serving price: 1.15 EUR / 1 USD

In truth, my serving is always around 450 – 500ml and the taste is still great. In theory, you could use the shaker to make two servings, but keep in mind, that it’s nearly 75% of the “safe” dose of caffeine.


What do we have here? As always, some vitamins (mostly from the B group), folic acid and a good chunk of Vitamin C. A bit of Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium, which is great and quite uncommon in energy drinks.

In the “stuff that kicks” aka “other active ingredients” we have nearly 3000 mg of L-somethings, mixed with Taurine and Caffeine. And while the caffeine’s volume is very close to G Fuel, the whole mix provides nearly three times more active ingredients, with L-Tyrosine being the most prominent one.

But again, we will cover nootropics in a separate post!

Label of Sneak

Score: 4.5 / 5
Would buy it again? Absolutely.


+ great flavours
+ great shakers (and branding)
+ no side-effects


– quite expensive
– doesn’t kick as much

Of course, Sneak was bought in the official store. If you’re in UK or US you can also find them on Amazon. Using my referral code will give you 5 free sachets, when you buy a specific shaker. Not much, but may be a good excuse to try them! And shakers are really cool.

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