19th November 2017
Horrors TV series

Darknet (2013)

First of all, I love horrors.

I talk and toot/tweet about horrors on daily basis. Movies, TV series and books. The horror genre in games is somehow beyond my patience.

What is Darknet?

Darknet is something that I discovered a year ago, exactly a year ago, only 5 days before it disappeared from Netflix.

Darknet is Canadian TV series made in 2013, that contains six episodes, around 30 minutes each. Every episode is a whole story, but they have a few connections, that gets Darknet the series vibe and sense of integrity, that V/H/S doesn’t have. Some characters are present in a couple of the stories, but the main link is a portal, darknetfiles.com, where you can find videos and pictures from the show. Don’t go there before watching the series, if you are not a fan of spoilers.

Darknet is dark. Is not about cyber crimes, it’s about real-life crimes, it’s about madness and fear. It’s not full of dead bodies, but we’re usually seeing a few in an episode. I absolutely love the mystery, plot twists and ideas there. It’s macabre, but not in a disgusting way.

Sadly, the creators recently confirmed, that second season will not be a thing.

My Darknet

Middle of the night, full moon, me in the living room, under the blanket, with my laptop on the table next to me. I watched 5 episodes that one night. I was in the story, nothing else mattered. It was actually the first time when I had to talk about the TV series not in general, but in details. I loved the story, I loved it. It was something so amazing, so good, so… different, that now, a year later, I’m still thrilled and definitely not over.

I tried to watch it again, dig through a lot of websites and VODs and couldn’t find anything. DVD was never released, it was only on Netflix and then gone, almost forever. Even torrent wasn’t helping, which was very frustrating. I wanted to watch again, I could pay, no problem, but it was… gone. That was a nightmare and I was absolutely hopeless. And you know? Being hopeless is the worst feeling in the world. Feeling hopeless about just a TV series sounds trivial but it still sucks.

Until. A few days ago I checked again, without any reason. A hunch? And you know what? The DVD and Blu-ray came out in Germany this June. Now, after four years! I don’t complain, I’m shocked.

It’s available on Amazon and on eBay as well. On Amazon.de you can even buy a digital copy! Disks include English and German audio with German subtitles, so, that’s a downside, but you can go with original audio and no subtitles, which is good enough option, for not English-natives of course.

My birthday is in two weeks. Guess what I’m getting.

I can’t wait to see it on my shelf, between V/H/S, The Guest, Saw and other horrors I love.

Since digital version is there, I can say it: go and watch it, it’s good, it’s really good.

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