8th July 2019
General dev Weekly Gems

πŸ’Ž Weekly Gems (1.07 – 7.07)

I honestly have no idea what happened to last week. It was Monday, I remember, and then somehow I ended up preparing everything for next week. You know, that I haven’t even played PUBG or Battlefield? Just Apex Legends. Weird.

New TV-series gem: The Other Two.

⌨ Coding

Sizzy: One browser to rule them all

I know we have Browserstack, and we can just have one machine with Windows, one with MacOS and something with Linux. We can manually check every possible screen ratio and width and stuff. But why would we, if there is something like Sizzy?

Looks promising and pricing is quite alright.

πŸ–Œ Design

Layered Effect with Illustrator & Photoshop

I’m never tired of nice design tutorials. The Layered Effect works so well with printed stuff, that it’s worth to know how to create one.

🍱 Lifestyle

Meal Prep 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Prepping and Portioning Meals

Meal Prep, next to Paleo and Intermitent Fasting, is the next food-related concept I wanted to try. And that weekend I finally had my chance with tons of veggies, meat and plastic containers that works with dishwasher and microwave. (Of course I’m not giving up on Huel, and meal prep is mostly for dinners.)

Why Has Google Maps Blurred Out This ‘House Of Horrors’ on Street View?

Everyone loves good conspiracy theory and creepy/crazy things that one can find on Google Maps. I guess we all saw trails of the dragged body in the middle of some lake, and all the pics with guns and drawings in the fields. So hey, here is another story. It is kinda scary.

When You’re Truly Good at Your Job, You Want to Hear the Ways You Suck at It

Oh my! When it’s CSS – sure, let me hear your “problems”. When it’s JavaScript I’m getting more defensive. Or when it’s writing, in English. Oh gosh. I look like a hedgehog then.

I know it’s late and it’s mostly Lifestyle, not much design/coding stuff, but hey, it’s not like someone is reading that and waiting every Monday.

But believe me, one day I’ll be so comfortable with writing again, that I’ll write something more than just ~400 words about cool stuff I found online.

PS. First MealPrep dinner was delicious. And I bought a notebook today πŸ‘€ because I have only 38 waiting in another room. Yes, it’s Leuchtturm. Dotted. Like the 4 I already have, but this time is cover is Wine Red. Or Porto? I don’t remember. Woohoo anyway.


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