give a heart | 24th June 2019 | Design, General dev, Weekly Gems

💎 Weekly gems (17.06 – 23.06)

Besides reading books (Hi Spiral, I finally managed to meet the last page!) and watching Netflix (Hello Slasher, my love, I really haven’t seen that coming!), sometimes I read stuff online! Surprise. And that’s gonna be a list of interesting things I come across every week.

💡 Interesting

Adobe Research and UC Berkeley: Detecting Facial Manipulations in Adobe Photoshop

First of all: wow. I mean, yeah, Slowpoke, I had no idea that there is that Liquify function in Photoshop. Secondly, that’s kinda amazing, that Adobe is fighting with abusing its own software. Someday that might be really helpful.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency has a trust problem

Facebooks’s Libra is the new hot topic and honestly, I can’t see anyone who likes the idea of gigant-owned cryptocurrency. It just shouldn’t work. And let’s hope it won’t stay here for long.

🎮 Games

Harry Potter Wizards Unite launches in Ireland (and US, UK and a lot of different countries)

Yes, I’m a Potterhead. Obviously. And even my shitty phone (okay, just old) can handle it, without the AR part. Of course I need to charge it 4 times a day now, but it’s worth it.

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Apex Legends Season 2 Weapons Update

Amazing news! While I’m not really stocked about the new weapon, the changes sound awesome. New hop-ups! More energy ammo in a stack and extended magazines. OMG, Havoc, brace yourself!

🖌 Design

11 form design guidelines

In theory we all know how to build a form. But how to build a good form is completely different thing.

🙃 Funny

The least expected category, right? But what about a “smart” light bulb that requires 11 steps to just reset itself? Wow. UX at it’s finest!

3 give a heart | 15th January 2019 | CSS

Cute little CSS bug in Chrome

Okay, it’ll be quick.

Chrome: version 71

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3 give a heart | 25th December 2018 | Dear Diary, Personal

Getting ready for 2019

Phew. What a year, right?

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3 give a heart | 3rd May 2018 | CSS, Geeky, Snippets

Little snippets #1: CSS only mobile menu

You may probably think, that it’s nothing new and everyone already did that.

Yeah, well, maybe, probably. But this is better (or just cooler).

Did you use pointer-events: none; ? Nah? Did you make super-cool and super-easy animations with Font Awesome? Did you really take care of the traps that might be a challenge for some browsers? 

Well, let me show you then.

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5 give a heart | 21st March 2018 | Geeky, Snippets, Tutorials, WordPress

WordPress tutorial: Comment reply notifications with 40 lines of code

If you’re tired of Disqus and Jetpack, then you need to switch back to default WordPress comments. And it hurts.

Both, Disqus and Jetpack do two things: spam prevention and notifications. Plus Disqus looks good, while Jetpack needs some styling. But that’s another case.

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17 give a heart | 19th November 2017 | WordPress

Gutenberg 1.7.0

WordPress 5.0 will soon be a thing and it might feature a brand new content editor, that will take place of the good old TinyMCE—Gutenberg. It's still in development and the first digit in the version number doesn't mean it actually left the beta stage.

I got curious, so I've installed the beta plugin from WordPress repository to check it here. Let's see!

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16 give a heart | 19th November 2017 | TV series

Darknet (2013)

First of all, I love horrors.

I talk and toot/tweet about horrors at daily basis. Movies, TV series and books. The horror genre in games is somehow beyond my patience.

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5 give a heart | 2nd October 2017 | Tutorials

Complete guide: Tweetdeck with 280-characters tweets

A few days ago Twitter finally increased the character limit. Doubled it actually, so now, instead of 140, we’ve got 280 characters. Woo-hoo!

It’s not yet available to everyone, but there is a way to enable it in Tweetdeck in few quite simple steps. continue reading

5 give a heart | 2nd September 2017 | Dear Diary, Personal

It’s happening sometimes

I’m sitting at my desk. Black cup with half of white flat coffee. No sugar. An almost full bottle of an energy drink I opened last night. My stupid headphones in the background. Laptop covered in stickers. Mouse on the cable, the cute one, with turquoise backlit. And my phone. Red.

Me? Well. I’m just sad, with no real reason. In a mood for writing.

3 give a heart | 27th May 2017 | Personal, TV series

Residue (2015-)

‘Residue’ is a 3 episodes miniseries, released in March 2015 on Netflix. It takes 140 minutes to watch the (un)complete story. If you like futuristic, thrilling stories – that’s for you. If you’re absolutely in love with Iwan Rheon, you will also enjoy it!

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